All You Need to Know about Brick Tiles

Who wouldn’t like the appearance and impression of a beautiful brick wall? Its color and warmth are timeless. The good thing, achieving such has become so easy in this present time with the help of brick tiles. This is an efficient and affordable way to revamp the look of a space without the need to construct new brick walls.

This type of tile is also identified as brick veneer or brick slip. It is a thin portion of brick that could be useful to a surface in order to offer it a look of a real brick wall. Compared to an old-style brick wall, this one does not really give structural support, when it is well-adorned, it could be very aesthetically pleasing. It is also as energy-efficient as a normal brick wall.

How Do They Work?

All You Need to Know about Brick Tiles

Among the many reasons why these brick tiles appeal so much to homeowners and DIY builders is because of the easy installation. They are often fitted to a backing-board that could be custom-made for a specific surface or wall.

In addition, the tiles are being positioned along a horizontal line, then an adhesive is applied and the slips are set in their place. Considering the look that you want to achieve, you can choose if you want to measure the spaces every panel or not. If so, a spacer unit should be used for accuracy.

What are they Used For?

If a usual brick is used, then this means that a brick tile could also be used. Brick veneers are great for a range of applications and rooms. They can improve the aesthetic value of the space while giving it a natural and decorative look. Below are some best examples on how to utilize them in the home.

Kitchen- You can make use of a smooth brick slip to create an inviting and warm space in the kitchen.

Bathrooms- You can give accent to the bathroom wall using these tiles and it is also a good way to outline a door-frame.

Living Room- Enhance the interior brick feature wall to add more warmth and character to the room.

Outdoor- They can be used to protect the outdoor area of the house. They can be utilized to patch the chimney, exterior walls and fire pits, while enhancing the visual appeal.

These tiles are capable of retaining their insulation effects. This means that you make an energy-efficient room or wall that will retain heat while lessening the thickness and weight of the wall.

Considering them for your Next Project?

These tiles have so many advantages to offer. They are also energy-efficient, cost-effective, and very easy to install. At the same time, they can be customized in different ways and can be applied to surfaces quickly. Moreover, they are an economical and stylish choice for anyone who wants to create a great look for their space.