Drilling Rigs: Their Property and Uses

Drilling rigs are machines that are utilized by drilling contractors and services in order to drill a hole in the ground to extract natural gases, oil, and mineral deposits. Also, these machines are used when extracting rocks and other materials for testing. In some instances, these are used to make an underground network of tunnels that are used in the construction of a network of plumbing or subway lines.


What are Drill Rigs?

In general, a drill rig can be a sea or land-based structure such as offshore oil rigs or oil platforms. But, drilling rigs may also come in very small sizes for easier mobility to various sites for soil explorations and mineral drilling. These mobile rigs can be conveniently moved from one site to the next by simply mounting them on a truck. For bigger land rigs, they should be disassembled and then loaded to the truck, then reassemble again to the new site. But this process can be very time-consuming and could cost a lot of money on the part of the drilling contractor.

Drill Rigs: What can they do?

Large drill rigs can break through thousands of meters under the crust of the earth. Given this much digging, you can expect that there is should be a great deal of backup from surrounding materials. The good thing is, the majority of drills have their own ways of compensating for this. In fact, there are some of them that make use of surrounding material such as mud in order to keep the drill in cool condition and to be able to extract the material that is needed for future testing. Moreover, acid can also be used to make the process of gas or oil extraction less challenging.

The rigs do not just contain the drill itself. There are those that can even be manned by different workers. Many of them are constructed to accommodate a crew that has comfortable living accommodations such as canteens and crew quarters.

Drill rigs are highly capable of switching or combining with other different drilling technologies that are being used. Sometimes, this is needed especially when working in a specific site. The typical sources used are mechanical. This is powered by electric or diesel engine, which utilizes internal combustion to provide power to the electric motors that drives the drill.

There are various forms of drilling mechanisms that are used to dig holes in the ground and each one of them is capable of different results upon penetrating to the crust if the earth and when extracting core samples. Ultimately, these rigs offer a global advantage for the extraction of different elements and minerals. It has very instrumental in making drilling jobs a lot easier that saves labor and most of all, cost. This is also why we are seeing more of these rigs today more than ever.