How can You Benefit from Drip Trays?

How can You Benefit from Drip Trays?

Drip trays are a must in workplaces that deal with dangerous chemicals, oils, fuels, etc. They are available as individual units or in packs depending on the requirements. Also, they come in different variants that are used for a wide range of applications in workplaces. If you need to use one, it’s a must to know which type meets your needs to maximize the benefits it has to offer.

Plastic Type

This type is constructed using heavy duty polyethylene and designed to be used in different situations, as well as emergencies. In most cases, they are found in organizations and businesses and in workplaces.


A rubberized version of a plastic drip tray is also available. This type is scratch-resistant and its rubberized plastic construction allows it to be driven over or stood on before returning to its original form. This makes this type ideal for busy workplaces that has limited space like in warehouses and workshops.

Shallow Flexi-Tray

This type of drip tray comes in three different sizes that are often used by service engineers and mechanics as a work mat or spill tray. They are very comfortable and easy to work on while being capable to be lined with absorbent socks and pads. Such increase their ability to prevent spills.

In addition, a shallow flexi-tray is also available with dispensing grids. This is very useful when refueling or transferring oil, fuel, and other dangerous liquids to containers. This makes it best for workshop use, as well as in farms and industrial premises. Its dispensing grid also protects items from damage caused by spills that are collected at the base of the tray.

Deep Flexi-Tray

If you are working with heavy machines, then this type of tray is the best one to use. The sides of this tray are twice as high compared to its shallow alternatives. This makes it capable of containing more spills and leaking fluids. Its construction is flexible, yet very tough and they can even be fitted under a machine to catch spills and leaks. 

The variants available under this type are highly resistant to food stuff, detergent, coffee, etc. Also, they can resist alcohol, acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons like butane, propene, propane.

Dealing with chemicals and other dangerous fluids should be done in a secured and safe way. This is because as soon as a leak or spill happens, it can endanger the people in the workplace or affect the function of the machine.

As there are different types of drip trays available to choose from, you need to know your needs and find one that meets the requirements of your needs. This way, you can be sure that you are providing the right solution to the problem.

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