Machinery Maintenance Log: Why It’s A Must

110416-N-VL413-001 PACIFIC OCEAN (April 16, 2011) Japanese civilian shipyard workers aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) move a motor to the machinery repair shop. More than 100 Japanese workers volunteered to come aboard the ship to continue maintenance after George Washington departed her forward-operating port at Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka on March 21, 2011. George Washington departed in response to the complex nature of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Cheng S. Yang/Released)

Each company, regardless of the industry it belongs to, can prove how important it is to have a piece of well-functioning equipment. Having machines that are healthy enough to perform their functions play an important part in daily operations. Taking care of the machines in a must and should be a top priority. But aside from this, another important thing to secure is a machinery maintenance log. This will help make sure that the revenue generating operation is in constant progress as required without disruptions due to unexpected downtime.

How Important is an Equipment Maintenance Log?

Increase the Machine’s Resale Value

The right maintenance and tracking of a machinery maintenance log can help the equipment to maintain its optimum condition. Keeping a record of all the maintenance done on the machine can be very useful when the time comes that you have to sell your equipment.

Buyers give so much importance on how the machine has been maintained. A well-maintained machine would mean that the buyer would be able to make the most out of its functions. Keeping a record of all repairs and maintenances done will help create a clearer picture for the buyer if the machine is worth buying or otherwise.

Save on Upfront Cost

With a complete maintenance log, you will know the right time when to replace your machine which then equates to savings. The information gathered through time unveils patterns of expenditure, failure, and repair. Machine breakdowns can cost a lot, especially when it is unexpected and you were not able to prepare for it.

Identifies Trends Across Models, Makes, and Components

Machine maintenance log throws light on the latest trends in the machine across components, models, operators, makes, etc. The information on the maintenance log that is tracked by a maintenance management solution will help highlight which makes and model of machine incurs the lowest cost.

Secures the Safety of Operators

Machines that are being used are prone to wear and tear. With routine checkup and inspections, you can take a look at the repair issues and damages before they become worse. Keeping a record of inspections and small repairs can go a long way to track all maintenance tasks that the machine goes through. Another benefit of documenting such things is being able to easily find self-inflicted damages and highlighting operators who are not taking care of the machine properly.

Machines play an important role in different industries and companies. But you can only make the most out of them if you take good care of them and make sure that they are in their top shape all the time. To ensure all these things, you need to make it a priority to keep a record of everything related to the machine.

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