Reasons to Use a 3D Scanner

3D scanner has benefited so many people who are involved in engineering, manufacturing, development, design, testing, quality inspection, and analysis. In this present time, this scanner has revolutionized the way how people create and produce something. If you think that you need this also, you better know what you are getting into by knowing the benefits that you will be getting from it.


See the designs during the conceptualization stage

When conceptualizing an idea, designers usually make use of models in foam or clay. With the help of 3D scanning technology, they can capture the object data and use it as a rendering in concept illustration. With reverse engineering technique, designers and engineers would be able to conceptualize different designs prior to producing them as product or prototype.


Save more time in the design stage

Typically, designers design around the other parts of they would fit their design to the existing object. With reverse engineering, their new designs incorporate the specific requirements of the part that has been manufactured and build it on the current engineering optimization.


Speeds up the prototyping process

There are different ways in which a 3D scanner can provide support to the development of a prototype. For one, it allows an artist of designer to scale a physical object and to change designs to be able to meet various requirements. Aside from this, scanning reduces the number of prototype design cycle as it can scan the data that has been captured from accurate 3D measurements of the physical component or object.


Ensures that parts fit together without iterations

For instance, if a client needs to manufacture a new aircraft nose that can accommodate a new hardware but still remain symmetrical to its original form and fit to the existing airframe. The use of an accurate scanning system, engineers would be able to capture all critical geometry scan data from the current nose cone, the mating surfaces, and airframe.


Manufacture parts without CAD

Being able to remanufacture a part when CAD is not available would mean that manufacturers can use modern techniques to remanufacture the parts that have been designed before CAD.

So, there you go, you have some of the best reasons why 3D scanning technology has been successful in transforming the engineering and design process for a wide range of industries. This technology enables the production of high quality and better designed parts that so much less expensive to produce or manufacture.

If you are thinking of investing in a three dimensional scanner, you can find a lot of them in the market. Make sure however, that you will have one that will be of great use for you. This will allow you to achieve your desired results, as well as the benefits mentioned above.