What to Remember When Installing a Pool in Perth

Perth boasts of having the most number of swimming pools in the country, and if you want to add to that statistics, you will be in great company! There is nothing better than having your own oasis of fun and comfort for the hot Australian summer. If you have children, installing a pool in Perth will be even better! And to make sure that your investment will be worth it, do not forget these essential tips:

pool in perth

Be aware of local and state regulations

Installing a concrete pool in Perth, as in other areas in Australia, is subject to meeting certain regulations and standards. If you intend your pool to be deeper than 30 centimetres, for instance, it should come with a pool barrier that meets the Australian Standard for Swimming Pool Fences. Similarly, your local council may have supplementary regulations that you have to know. This is why, before poring through a catalog of swimming pool tiles and components, it is a good idea to call the necessary department to have a complete idea of what building code rules to meet.

Study your pool installation site properly

We all want to go home to an infinity pool, but chances are not every one of us has the space for such a luxury. When planning your swimming pool’s construction, take note of key things such as: your available land area for the pool’s installation, ground conditions, and other factors that may affect construction.

Choose the right material and components for your needs

Once you have ticked the first two off your list, here comes the fun part! There are plenty of materials and design themes that you can opt for, such as the offerings of Jubilee Pools and Landscapes – and your imagination is the only limit as customisation is also incredibly easy.

But to make sure that your pool will prove to be a lasting investment, make sure to pick out materials that address your needs, and your area’s conditions. If you’re installing the pool in the winter, for example, installation measures should make room for potential weather damage. Or if you cannot break the bank in your choice of materials, streamline your shopping process to include only components and accessories that you can afford.


Choose a good installer

Finally, hire great professional help. Your swimming pool installer should ideally be licenced or certified, first and foremost, so you are assured of the quality of their craftsmanship. Also consider their offered product warranty, as well as the availability of after-sales support such as repair and maintenance services.