Sewage Ejector Systems to Serve Various Applications


The sewage ejector systems are employed to flush out solid waste from residential to main city sewer lines. There are various other applications served by these systems. Home builders can select different sewage systems for such applications in order to own best outcomes. Some of such applications and sewage pumps are as follows:

Finished Basement

A sewage ejector unit installed above the ground level is preferred choice for finished basement regions. This will not only provide smooth working but will also be less expensive and easy to install. There are specially made sewage pumps for such areas that even avoid the problem of wet venting within finished spaces. So, pipe lines running through buildings can be installed along with sewage pumps in order to maintain cleanliness and safety around.

Below Ground New Construction

When it comes to meeting sewage ejection requirement in below ground areas then a ground ejector pump is best choice. The underground sewage ejector pump is best choice that sits below the floor and flushes the waste from top surface without requiring any additional new construction. This type of sewage ejector systems is installed before laying the final slab for basement area. Moreover, it can be layered with concrete from all around in order to have a smooth finished layer along with easy and long lasting installation methodology.