Things to Consider When Selecting Commercial Pool Tiles

ceramic pool tiles

Installing a swimming pool in your aquatic centre? Make sure that you take these things into consideration when selecting your materials, particularly your commercial pool tiles. Doing this will help you better ensure the full functionality of the pool, as well as reap the rewards that come with such an outdoor element.

Reducing Safety Risks

One of the biggest aspects that you should carefully look into is the safety of your pool. In Australia, there are certain specifications that a pool must meet in order to gain a building permit, as well as retain that important piece of paper. Safety barriers, in particular, should be installed according to the prescribed guidelines of your state.

Your choice of commercial pool tiles is critical to reducing safety risks for your customers. Look for materials that offer maximum slip resistance, particularly for areas that get wet or splashed with water a lot of the time. Additionally, make sure the finishing of the tiles is prepped for proper foothold, especially in the interior of the pool.

Aside from your pool tiles, also see to it that the components that you intend to install will be safe. If you are considering adding pool accessories, for instance, they should be made of materials that do not have adverse reactions with the type of water in your pool. In addition, they should be installed properly, and subsequently maintained regularly.


Enhancing Customer Experience

Aside from providing topmost security through proper material selection for your swimming pool, your aquatic centre should also deliver a rewarding experience to your guests. To make that happen, consider:

  • Choosing pool tiles and other components that either meet your aesthetic needs or fit the existing design theme and style of your establishment
  • Installing the right pool accessories and customising them wherever necessary and possible; and
  • Maintaining the condition of the entire pool

When it comes to meeting those conditions, choosing the right pool installer is key. Such a professional will help you streamline your selection process to include only the specific pool tiles and other components that address your requirements. In addition, they will ensure the proper installation of the components, particularly where meeting industry specifications is concerned. And a good pool installer can help you customise your swimming pool to your needs, while establishing a comprehensive maintenance plan.

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