Some Types of Pendant Lights to Choose From

Given that there are so many kinds of lights available today, we often hear of a pendant light but we don’t exactly know what they are, or some of them may have not seen them.

Pendants lights are any kind of light fixture that is hanged from the ceiling on a cord, rod, chain, or other types of suspension apparatus. The reason why these lights have been so popular in the modern time is because they are capable of enhancing the aesthetics of a place or an area while being functional at the same time. If you are considering to have them in your space, then you should know the different types that you can choose from.


The Different Types

Drum Pendant

This one is very obvious but a popular choice for many. This can be used as an ambient or task lighting, depending if the bottom of the shade is closed or open. This attractive style comes in different sizes and colors.


Globe Pendant

This is sometimes called as orb, sphere, or globe. Regardless, this type is easily identified for its shape. This style picks up stream in the late ‘50s and 60’s. if you want a midcentury vibe, this is for you. You can choose to hang a few of this type in the same height or you can be more adventurous by varying them.


Bowl Pendant

Bowl pendant is perhaps the most ubiquitous of all types because of its simple but functional design. In fact, the majority of designated task lamps are of bowl variety. There are times when you may see an inverted one that is utilized for pendant lighting. This one casts upward instead of down. The good thing is, whatever texture, color, or shape you are looking for, it’s very easy to find one that suits your fancy.


Exposed Bulb Pendant

This one has been a trend few years back and it is not slowing down in the present time. If you want an industrial, rustic, or minimalist theme, this is the fixture that you should consider. This type is affordable as you will only need a bulb and a fixture. Its minimal design is also great for DIY projects. It also comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes.


Multiple Pendants

With this type, you can create your very own lighting installation. You can do artistic arrangements of multiple pendants to achieve the mood or theme you desire. This is often found in dining tables or in kitchen islands. Just make that with this type you consider its balance especially if you are using in in the kitchen.

It’s is indeed amazing how pendant lights can make a space extraordinary. So, if you are thinking of improving your area, these lights are a great choice for you.