What to Store in Flammable Storage Cabinets

What to Store in Flammable Storage Cabinets

Materials that easily ignite like solids and liquids, or gases should always be stored safely. The use of flammable storage cabinets is a must to provide protection in the workplace, especially to the people working in it. Also, choosing the right type of this cabinet, the one that is made of flame-proof material needs to be used in order to match the certain type of material that is being stored inside of it.

Here are some examples of the materials and substances that are often kept in these kinds of storage cabinets.


Liquid materials that are flammable could automatically ignite when they reach a certain temperature. Such makes it practical to store these liquids in flammable storage cabinets that are kept below 37.8° C. If it happens that the liquids are left out to reach higher temperatures, there is a high chance that the material will give off vapor that can lead to burning. Flammable liquids may include petrol, paint thinner, paints, and alcohol.


Flammable gases have a very high tendency to burn as soon as they get combined with the air and other oxidants and when getting in contact with ignition sources. These substances could be very hazardous, even when they are properly locked in cabinets. With just a little amount of gas that gets to escape, an explosion or fire could happen. Some common types of flammable gases are propane, methane, acetylene, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide.

Explosive Chemicals

These are the types of chemicals that have the tendency to explode resulting from heat, shock, or friction. In fact, there are even touch-sensitive chemicals that would activate when the storage container is brushed against or being touched.

In addition, there are higher risks with older stocks of chemicals as they degrade over time. Chemicals that are specifically manufactured or are naturally occurring include azides, nitoso, acetylides, oxonides, and haloamine.

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Oxidizing Chemicals

There are some kinds of chemicals that could unexpectedly evolve oxygen even with just slight heating or when at room temperature. Such oxygen build-up could lead to fire and cause big damage to the surrounding.

In order to minimize the risks of accidents with such chemicals, you need to utilize a secure and well-built cabinet.


There are a lot of solid substances that are considered to be highly dangerous. For example, picrate salt is a kind of flammable solid. This is commonly found in laboratories and dye manufacturing industries, and used to make explosives. Just a bit of heat, shock, and friction would make it react. This is why a good flammable storage cabinet should be in place.

So many substances are considered to be flammable. This makes them dangerous that can affect the workplace and the people. One best way to avoid accidents and injuries is by having the right storage cabinets.